Legends bar and grill offers an incredible mix of food and drinks.
Whether you call in for a light-meal or an aperitif at our bar you will always find a professional service in a cosy and friendly atmosphere.

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Late Night Dine Right


Olympic Breakfast

2 fried eggs,2 rashers of English bacon,2 English sausages,2 tomatoes,2 slices of French toast,black pudding,hash brown chips,mushrooms,beans,mug of English tea or frothy coffee and orange juice.

English Breakfast

2 fried eggs,English sausage,bacon,beans,tomato,mushrooms,toast,jam,butter,mug of English tea or frothy coffee and orange juice

Kid's Breakfast

1 egg,beans,sausage,toast and orange juice


homemade aplle pie

homemade cheesecake

homemade banoffee


greek salad

Feta cheese,lettuce,tomato,cucumber,onions,peppers and olives

taco salad

Beef with lettuce,tomato,chives,olives,japalenos,sour cream and salsa in a crispy flour tortilla

tuna salad

Tuna.lettuce,tomato,cucumber and onion tossed in Basil oil


classic burger

plain and simple but you get salad!!!

deluxe burger

Bacon,mushrooms and cheese

hot mama burger

With chili and cheese



Tomato and mozzarella cheese

greek pizza

tomato,onion,peppers,feta,oregano and olives

meat lovers

Ham,sausage,pepperoni,bacon and chicken

Main Dishes


Family Favourites

Main Meals

Hot off the grill